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EFF happy with Cape Town growth, but claims party robbed of some votes

The EFF is pleased with their growth in the Cape, but claimed they had been robbed of some votes. This came as political parties began to analyse the outcomes of this year’s local government elections.

Cape Town regional secretary Banzi Dambuza said the party saw a 42% increase just in the number of city council seats they now hold in the metro.

“The EFF is quite happy that the seats have grown. Initially when we started in 2016, our first local government elections, we had seven seats. Now we are currently sitting at 10 seats,” Dambuza said.

However, Dambuza said this number should have been higher. He said the party is in talks with the IEC to investigate the matter.

“Despite the fact that we are sitting at 10 seats, we believe that there are votes that were stolen. There are even issues that we have raised with the IEC where there are votes that have disappeared,” he said. The Electoral Commission of South Africa has yet to confirm or detail any investigations into the EFF’s claims.

Source: eNCA

In other news – Cape Town mayor-elect ready to make an inclusive city

He faces the task of turning Cape Town into an inclusive city but it has not yet sunk in that the DA’s Geordin Hill-Lewis will soon have the mayoral chain draped around his neck.


Hill-Lewis, 34, will have a full in-tray when he officially reports for duty late this month. The previous administration has been heavily criticized for being anti-homeless. Learn more

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