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Eastern Cape attorney convicted for raping his wife

An Eastern Cape attorney has been convicted on charges of rape and assault in the Makhanda High Court. Sentencing proceedings are currently underway. The 49-year-old attorney from East London was convicted of raping his wife twice, in February 2021 and May 2019.

He was also convicted on two counts of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. The attorney cannot be named to protect the identity of his wife, the victim.

During her judgment, Judge Judith Robertson rejected the attorney’s defence that he “lacked criminal capacity” caused by a combination of alcohol abuse and a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity Ddisorder (ADHD).

Robertson said his actions were focused and goal-directed and accepted the victim’s version as it corroborated the evidence.

During court proceedings, the attorney admitted to enjoy watching “violent p0rn0graphic material” and stated he had performed some of the violent s.e.xual acts on his wife with her consent.

On February 15, 2011, the man and his now 46-year-old wife were at their Beacon Bay home when she discovered messages on his cellphone from another woman. The wife was 10 weeks pregnant at the time.

The court further heard that the husband went on to perform violent s.e.xual acts on the wife, this included rape. She endured being raped, beaten, and had violent s.e.xual acts performed on her against her will throughout the night to the point of her bleeding.

The court also heard the man took videos of his crimes using his wife’s phone and transferred the content via WhatsApp to his phone.

Source: News365

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