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South Africa News

Government to issue COVID-19 vaccination certificates

Government will soon provide vaccination certificates to those who got the jab. President Cyril Ramaphosa says this will be an official document proving your vaccination status. He says it will help citizens access events and allow them to travel.

“The Department of Health will soon be rolling out a vaccination certificate, which will provide a secure and verifiable proof of vaccination,” he said.

“This certificate can be used to facilitate travel, to access establishments and gatherings, and other forms of activity that require proof of vaccination status. Our approach in this matter is informed by the World Health Organisations guidelines and is in line with international best practice.

Source: News365

In other news – Blood & Water on Netflix top 10 worldwide list

NETFLIX series Blood & Water has done it again.

The second season of the much-loved show, which received rave reviews when it premiered, has broken another record. learn more

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