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Reconciliation is meaningless if government fails to provide services: Bushy Maape

North West Premier Bushy Maape says reconciliation is meaningless if government fails to provide people with much-needed services. Maape was speaking at an event in Coligny near Lichtenburg, aimed at looking for ways to improve service delivery.

“Reconciliation cannot be meaningful if there’s still unemployment, if there’s still poverty, if we still see potholes, if we don’t have lights in Coligny. We have to deal with these things so that reconciliation can be meaningful,” says Maape.

Residents of Coligny are calling on government to accelerate service delivery in their small town. Our roads are bad. We’re even struggling with water. We end up taking wheelbarrows to fetch water very far,” says a resident.

“They did a quick job of fixing roads because the premier is coming. They were using tarmac yesterday, the rain ruined it,” another resident explains. We have water problems. We fetch water very far,” says a resident.

Source: News365

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