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Mshoza’s husband who was beaten up by her sisters speaks out – Shares why he didn’t bury her




The Queen of Kwaito and her Prince were supposed to seal their marriage with a second celebration this month.

Prince believes he and Mshoza were about to reconcile, but the family disagree. But that’s history.


The singer, real name Nomasonto Maswanganyi, died two weeks ago, leaving her shattered husband behind.

“We loved each other. We reached some great milestones together. We were building a future,” said Prince.

“Sonto and I met last year at a friend’s place and started dating.”

She was living in Witbank at the time but had money problems, so I moved her and her kids to Dawn Park in Ekurhuleni to live with me.

They got married on 13 February and had a small celebration with family and friends.

“Sonto said she loved me and wanted to marry me. She said I was the only person she truly ever loved.

“We were already planning our wedding this December. We were going to have two ceremonies, one in Soweto and the other in Thokoza.”

He said he was supposed to pay lobola but lockdown intervened.

Prince said he and Mshoza were taking a break from one another over the past few months.

“Like any couple we had differences, but we weren’t going to divorce. When Sonto got sick, her sisters Thandi and Seipati got the opportunity to take her to Witbank,” he said.

“They didn’t tell me they’d taken her. I found out some time later. That’s when they started hiding her from me. Nomasonto was going to be fine if she’d been nursed by other people.”

He claimed Mshoza didn’t have a good relationship with her sisters.

“Sonto had a problem with her sisters before she died. They didn’t like her. They said bad things about her. She didn’t want to die a Maswanganyi. They treated her badly.

“Thandi was abusive. Sonto would call friends and ask them to chase Thandi away because she was abusive.

“Thandi said Sonto mustn’t annoy her and asked her where her fans and her fame were, now that she was sick.”

He said when he tried to reach out to her, they told him she didn’t want to speak to him and he shouldn’t worry about her health. Prince found out about her death through the media.

“Everything has been bad since Mshoza’s death,” he said.

He opened a case of assault against Thandi at Springs cop shop on Friday after an alleged incident on Thursday where Thandi allegedly beat Prince.

“At the mortuary last week, she swore at me, saying I was after her sister’s money. She slapped me, spat in my face and smashed my phone. Imagine that? During Covid-19 someone spitting in my face.

“Had it been me, I would’ve been imprisoned for a long time, but Thandi was released within an hour of me pressing charges. She continued saying she’d kill me and beating me was nothing.”

He said he couldn’t go to the funeral because he feared for his life.

“I was advised not to go because of everything that was happening and I didn’t bury my wife.”

He said he’s going to open another case. “The sisters took everything that Mshoza and I own on Monday and left without telling me. So I’ll be opening a case of theft,” he said.

family spokesman, Khumbu Sithole, said: “We had to move to another place because it’s the beginning of a new month. We didn’t want to pay rent there. We didn’t run away. We’re not scared of Prince. We wouldn’t run away with furniture.

“As to who owns what, that’ll be decided by the court. We’re ready. This is the beginning.”

He wasn’t told about her death as they don’t see him as her husband. “Before he says we didn’t tell him about the death, he must tell you the status of his relationship with Mshoza. They were in the process of divorcing. Sonto had asked him to move out.

Captain Kay Makhubele had not responded to our inquiry about the case opened against Thandi.

–Daily Sun

In other news – Here are SA Actors living with chronic illness

The following Mzansi stars have come out and opened up about the illnesses they are fighting in their lives, which is the greatest thing to do as it encourages others in society to embrace whatever that would have befallen them.

Sophie Lichaba

Actors; Sophie Lichaba, Howza Mosese, and Masechaba Moshoeshoe are 3 actors who have publicly confessed to living with chronic illnesses. Learn More

Mzansi Celebs

MacG Seen As A Gatekeeper By Penuel




MacGyver “MacG” Mukwevho is one of the leading podcasters in South Africa and arguably Africa as a whole. Back in 2022, his YouTube-based podcast Podcast and Chill was considered the fastest-growing local channel by almost doubling in its subscribers in the year alone.

However, it seems that his recent interview with musician and estranged ex-wife to Nota Baloyi, Berita, has landed him in trouble with the rest of his fellow podcasters. This is because MacG was friends with Nota before Nota started attacking Podcast and Chill’s co-host Sol Phenduka.

Thereafter, the entire podcast vowed never to talk or address anything Nota says about them on social media. However, the invitation to Berita to appear resulted in Nota going back to Twitter to lambaste and threaten the podcast.

Now it seems that Nota has gotten other podcasters to attempt to disparage more YouTubers to not watch Podcast and Chill.

MacG labeled as a gatekeeper by Penuel

Penuel the Black Pen is a YouTuber and podcaster who has his own podcast besides co-anchoring DJ Sbu’s The Hustler’s Corner. Moreover, Penuel is Nota’s friend if his latest utterances are anything to go by. Given Nota’s history of attacking females and in addition to his triggering utterances on social media, you would believe that Penuel would be seeking help for Nota.

But Penuel seems to think that Nota has a good heart. As such, he compared Nota to MacG by suggesting that Nota’s good heart is unlike that of MacG, who he labeled as a gatekeeper because MacG allegedly does not support up-and-coming podcasters and YouTubers via his channel.

This is the same Penuel that forgets that MacG did visit the DJ Sbu podcast and endorsed Hustler’s Corner. Moreover, MacG was the first podcast to have Nota as a regular feature before his utterances leaned toward being violent and dangerous. The same MacG who has diversified his channel into a network to include other podcasts like The Queer Way of Life with Bujy Bikwa, On The Table, Podcarst and Ride, and Popcorn and Cheese. Even Penuel has been on Podcast and Chill.

As such, it seems that Chillers were affronted by Penuel’s false tales on how MacG is a gatekeeper on YouTube given that he too started on the platform with zero to no support and grew his subscription organically. Therefore, some Chillers have petitioned to boycott other podcasts in order to prove how much of a gatekeeper MacG could be if he decided to do so.


In Other News- Bujy denies assaulting Boity Thulo

Bujy Bukwa denies assaulting Boity Thulo. The influencer was interviewed on a podcast recently and he opened up about the incident which led him to court.


In 2021, Bukwa attacked the businesswoman; photos of the injury, revealing blood on her face and stains on her cloth went viral on social media. Learn more

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Actor Siyabonga Radebe reportedly admitted to a mental facility



Siyabonga Radebe

Siyabonga Radebe has reportedly been admitted to a mental facility.

The actor who portrayed Vikizitha Magwaza, in the SABC1 soapie is suspected that the actor may be suffering from mental illness.

The 38-year-old actor joined Uzalo in February and admitted that the show saved him after he was said to have been broke and started commuting in taxis.

According to a report on Isolezwe, Siyabonga is in a bad mental state since he has been admitted to a mental facility for weeks now.

Apparently, his condition is not getting better as he was seen was wandering around naked in the hospital. “He appears to be a very mentally disturbed person,” said a source inside the hospital.

Another source from Ntuzuma, where the actor stays said people in the area started being worried about him after he moved back there. Community members apparently used to see him talking alone while walking.

“He was seen walking down the street wearing a gown and holding a cup of tea. He was not walking a short distance with that cup and gown. We suspect that something has disturbed his mind as he is a person who often seems to have a lot on his mind,” said the source.

Uzalo and the SABC recently announced that Fanele Bhengu has joined the show as Omuhle Gela’s replacement. Another actor who is joining is fan-favorite Nkanyiso Mchunu who is set to play Siphamandla “Wizard” Nkosi.

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Mzansi Celebs

LaConco’s father reveals he is ready to reconcile with his daughter




LaConco’s father has revealed that he is ready to reconcile with his daughter.

The star’s father has no intention to leave this world a heartbroken man following his strained relationship with his daughter.

According to Daily Sun, the 94-year-old man wants to mend his broken relationship with his daughter, before he passes away, and he is begging her to come home and see her.

The Our Perfect Wedding host has allegedly blocked his number and on social media because she wants nothing to do with him. “I miss my daughter, but it’s clear she hates me. I’ve been trying to reach her since 2018, but she blocked me on all communication platforms,” he explained.

Their relationship apparently got tainted after he weighed in on LaConco’s damages paid by former South African statesman Jacob Zuma for getting her pregnant. According to the ailing father, the damages went to her mother’s home in the Eastern Cape.

“Was I wrong to be angry when things were not done according to our culture? Was I supposed to keep quiet? I don’t know. All I know is that I need to reconcile with my daughter so that I die in peace. Nonkanyiso my loving daughter, please come back home. Let us talk and put everything behind us. I’m sick. I feel weak every day and sometimes my eyes get blurry. I can die anytime. But I’m afraid if I die now, I will die with a broken heart. And I will not be a good ancestor to Nonkanyiso,” he told the publication.

He told the publication that he wants to reconcile with his daughter because his ancestors visited him through a dream and said they won’t accept her should she die because she deserted her father.

“I raised Nonkanyiso. She went to the best schools. The English that she speaks on TV is because of me. I also pray for her well-being. I burn impepho and ask the ancestors to watch over her and bring her back home,” he added.

The old man said that she does not want the famed TV star’s money, because he is being taken care of by her siblings. He just wants her to come to see him so they can talk and mend their broken relationship.

In other news – Ama Qamata bags role on Congolese drama film, ‘Fight like a Girl’

Ama Qamata is over the moon as she has joined the cast of the Congolese drama film Fight like a Girl.

Ama Qamata

The 2022 People’s Choice nominee features alongside Hakeem Kae-Kazim as a young Congolese woman forced to work in an illegal mineral mine who escapes her captors and finds a new life f after joining a renowned all-women boxing club in the border city of Goma. Learn More

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