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Pulled chicken quesadillas recipe

For a fresh, Mexican-inspired dinner that’s ready in 20 minutes, try these easily pulled chicken quesadillas served with salsa, coriander, tomatoes and sour cream.

9 Ingredients

– 150g packet pulled chicken

– 40g (1/2 cup) pre-grated cheddar

– 80ml (1/3 cup) Old El Paso Chunky Salsa Tomato & Capsicum Hot

– 8 mini tortillas

– 1 baby cos lettuce

– 1/2 bunch fresh coriander

– 320g packet Mix-a-Mato Tomatoes

– 1 avocado

– Sour cream, to serve

4 Method / Steps

Step 1

Preheat a sandwich press. Combine the chicken, cheddar and salsa in a bowl. Place 4 tortillas on a clean surface and spoon half the chicken mixture over 1 side of each tortilla, keeping close to the centre. Fold the tortillas over to enclose the filling.

Step 2

Place on the hot sandwich press and cook for 2-3 minutes or until golden and heated through. Transfer to a chopping board. Repeat with the remaining tortillas and chicken mixture.

Step 3

Meanwhile, coarsely shred the lettuce and transfer it to a bowl. Pick the leaves from the coriander and add to the lettuce. Toss until well combined. Halve (or quarter, if large) the tomatoes. Place in a separate bowl and add the dressing and salt (both from the tomato packet). Toss until well combined. Mash the avocado.

Step 4

Place lettuce mixture on a large serving plate. Arrange quesadillas around the edge. Spoon tomato mixture, avocado and sour cream into the centre. Season and serve.

source – cooking365coza

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