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Francis Duru celebrates son’s 14th birthday

Popular veteran actor and filmmaker, Francis Duru has taken to his social media to celebrate his son’s 14th birthday.

Francis shared a lovely photo of his son, stating that flourishing times await him.

He said he has been so amazing and has been a good boy, son, and friend. He prayed that the heavens will open the door of favor, and Grace for me. Also, he prayed that he will continue to be a solution provider to humanity.

Francis said his destiny is protected and he shall never depart from God’s vineyard. He prayed that God shall anoint his feet and gives him the nutrient needed to excel and make a difference.

Taking to instagram Francis shared a lovely picture of his son and captioned

“A happy birthday dear son as you turn 14..
Flourishing times awaits you
You have been so amazingly assisting..and a good boy..son and freind..may the heavens open in your favour and may engracement for ease ,Divine favours ,grace to excel and remain a solution provider to humanity be a constant in your life…your destiny is protected and firmed in the lord’s presence..you shall never depart from the lord’s vine yard…may He annoint your skills and feet on the pitch,give you every nutrient needed to excel and make a difference….Happy birthday Ifeanyi …more grace son.”

Fans and celebrities sent shout-outs and compliments wishing him a happy birthday.

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