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DStv Premium Internet bundle prices

MultiChoice says it will bundle its new DStv Internet wireless broadband services with DStv packages, offering discounts ranging from just under 6% to just over 10%. The pay-TV provider said these bundles unlock the real value for its customers who take up DStv Internet services. DStv Internet is available in three different packages: 25GB, 110GB, and 220GB.

All packages run on the MTN network and include an allocation of after-hours data equal to its portion of anytime data.

The 25GB+25GB package, therefore, includes 25GB of anytime data and 25GB of night-time data that subscribers may use between midnight and 05:00 daily. Each of these DStv Internet packages will be bundled with MultiChoice’s pay-TV services, ranging from DStv Access to DStv Premium.

These bundles are 24-month contracts that include a Wi-Fi router, DStv Internet SIM and subscription, and a DStv package. The table below summarises the prices of DStv Internet bundles combined with DStv Access, Family, Compact, Compact Plus, and Premium.

It also shows the regular price if you bought the DStv video entertainment package and DStv Internet service separately.

DStv Internet bundle – 25GB Bundle Price Regular price Bundle saving
Premium + 25GB R949 R1,008 5.9%
Compact Plus + 25GB R679 R738 8.0%
Compact + 25GB R549 R608 9.7%
Family + 25GB R445 R488 8.8%
Access + 25GB R285 R318 10.4%
DStv Internet bundle – 110GB Bundle Price Regular price Bundle saving
Premium + 110GB R1,179 R1,278 7.7%
Compact Plus + 110GB R939 R1,008 6.8%
Compact + 110GB R819 R878 6.7%
Family + 110GB R719 R758 5.1%
Access + 110GB R555 R588 5.6%
DStv Internet bundle – 220GB Bundle Price Regular price Bundle saving
Premium + 220GB R1,449 R1,578 8.2%
Compact Plus + 220GB R1,199 R1,308 8.3%
Compact + 220GB R1,059 R1,178 10.1%
Family + 220GB R969 R1,058 8.4%
Access + 220GB R819 R888 7.8%

For this comparison, to calculate the “regular price”, we added the 24-month DStv contract pricing, excluding a decoder, to the 24-month contract pricing of DStv Internet.

Source: News365

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