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Woman beds sick hubby doctor

Woman beds sick hubby doctor. In a very disturbing development, a Harare woman is alleged to have had an illicit s.e.xual affair with her husband’s doctor at a time when he was in poor health. The nasty alleged infidelity details came to light at the Harare Civil Court where Nigel Kadziya had been hauled by his estranged wife, Believe Jokonya, for allegedly abusing her.

The court case which saw both parties trading accusations turned ugly after the adultery allegations emerged. Kadziya left the court shell-shocked when he exposed his wife’s bed-hopping shenanigans with his doctor. More shockingly, the illicit s.e.xual affair allegedly happened when Kadziya was ill. However, he did not reveal before the courts what he was sick with at the time the affair started.

‘She has lied your worship, Believe was having an affair with my doctor when I was sick. She left the house on December 21, 2019 and in the 29th. Jokonya hired someone to remove our solar panel which was on the roof. She collected the rest of the property that was in the house and sold it. I was left with a television set.

Speaking before magistrate Glady’s Moyo, Jokonya stated that she had abandoned their marriage because she was being unfairly treated. ‘When I applied for maintenance, he assaulted me, insulted me and chased me out of the house saying we cannot live together.

Most of the time I would sleep outside with the children. I don’t have anywhere to stay. Our children are not even going to school because he cannot afford to pay their school fees. Kadziya threw stones at the house and damaged our property. He came home with a girlfriend and slept with her.

The presiding magistrate granted the protection order in the complainant’s favour and sternly advised both parties to share their property fairly under the law.

Source – iHarare

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