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Who and what is Western Lotto Nigeria?

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Western Lotto Nigeria Ltd, trading as Western Lotto Nigeria, is licensed and regulated by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission for customers in Nigeria and operates as an official lottery operator within Nigeria.

Western Lotto Nigeria also gives participants the chance to bet on the outcome of other international lotteries. When you play these games, Western Lotto Nigeria does not buy lottery tickets on your behalf but allows you to make bets on different lotteries. When you win any of those bets, you are paid directly by Western Lotto Nigeria and not by the official lottery operator. Western Lotto Nigeria pays a present amount for each prize tier, including the jackpot amount, as stated on their website.

Western Lotto Nigeria focuses on great products, first-class customer service and a sense of fun in everything they offer. Players get the chance to become a millionaire each day.

Western Lotto Nigeria is safe to play with, since because it is fully licensed by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission, they must prove that they are able to make all required payments to players on all the prizes they offer in order for them to retain those licences.

Currently, Western Lotto Nigeria features 9 Lotto’s and several Lotto races. All these Lotto’s will be available to play from your mobile phone at any time when you sign up for a Western Lotto Nigeria account and download the Western Lotto Nigeria mobile app.

How Western Lotto Nigeria Works?

At Western Lotto Nigeria, participants play the official lottery draw. Western Lotto Nigeria offers you the chance to play the world’s biggest lotteries and is also the exclusive Nigerian partner of Lotto Race, giving the people the opportunity to win daily and weekly live draw prizes.

As player you choose your game, select the draw, define how many lines you want to play and pick your numbers. Then you can hit any of the available prize tiers on the official draw, and you can win the prize stated on the website.

How to register at Western Lotto Nigeria

Visit the Western Lotto Nigeria homepage and click on the ‘Register’ button on the main page.

You will be navigated to a registration form that you have to fill out with your full name, date of birth, email and mobile number. You then need to create a password that will be used to login to your account. 

You will also be asked if you have a referral code, which is where the Western Lotto Nigeria Promo Code can be applied when a welcome bonus is on offer. When a player registers for the first time, the person can be given a referral code which can be shared with a new user who like to register, too.

It is optional to select referral code at the time of registration. The first player will receive 10% on every deposit the second player makes. 

By clicking the ‘register’ button at the end of the form, you accept the terms and conditions of the site, and the registration process is completed.

If you have to make a deposit to activate the bonus, you can do via several available payment methods in the cashier section of the site. You can fund your wallet with the use of debit or credit cards.

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