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The success of a bet largely depends not on luck, but on the knowledge of up-to-date information about teams and athletes, as well as the ability to analyze previously obtained data. For the most part, the odds help the participants in the bets to estimate the percentage of victory of the team and/or athletes. But few players understand what it is, how to read soccer odds 1×2, and other types of coefficients.

Bookmaker Parimatch for players from Africa has prepared a large selection of bets that can bring a decent win. But before you start your gambling journey, you need to learn how to calculate the odds.

What odds are offered by Parimatch

Betting odds represent the numerical probability of an event occurring. Sports odds are usually the odds of a team winning or goals scored over two halves. Odds can also reflect the success and professionalism of the players, which have been formed taking into account the athlete’s previous participation.

The odds do not provide a 100% forecast guarantee. For example, the team with a higher winning rate may not always win. The odds are not always a plus for the players. Because the larger the coefficient, the smaller the gain, and vice versa.

Each bookmaker has its odds and Parimatch is no exception. For players from Africa, the bookmaker offers decimal odds. But this option is set by default. In the settings of the mobile version, the user can be changed to fractional or American coefficients.

Decimal rates can be represented up to 2 digits after the decimal point. To calculate the winning percentage, it is enough to divide 100 by the specified coefficient. For example, the odds that Manchester United will win against Wolverhampton Wanderers is 4.00. Based on their calculation formula, 100: 4 = 25% that Man U will win.

To display the odds of the same game in fractional format, the bookmaker writes the odds like this: “3: 1” or “3/1”. This means that Manchester United is 3 times weaker than the Wolves.

American odds are indicated in this format: “-200 or +200”. In this variant of the coefficients, attention is paid to the signs in front of the numbers. If there is a “-” in front of the number, this indicates that the team or player is the favorite, and the number indicates the minimum bet that must be made to win $ 100. The plus signifies that the team is less likely to take the victory, and the number after the sign is the amount that can be won if you bet $ 100.

What are Parimatch betting markets

Parimatch Betting Markets are sports betting categories according to the odds that a participant can place. At Parimatch, African participants are offered the following betting markets:

  • 1X2 bets. In this case, you need to predict the overall result of the game. If the home team is the winner, then the bet is on 1, if the away team is 2, and if there is a draw then the bet is on X.
  • Double chance bets. This bet works on the principle of the previous one, only here you can select 2 possible results of a football match. If one of the results turns out to be real, then the bet will win.
  • Handicap (handicap) bets are bets on the final result of the game, with the score specified.
  • A bet on total involves predicting the total number of goals scored by both teams until the end of the match.

All offered types of bets have their coefficient, which is prescribed by the bookmaker. Live betting is a more complex betting format because the odds change depending on the development of the game.