WhatsApp finally welcomes dark mode in latest beta update

The much talked about dark mode has finally arrived with the latest beta update. The latest app beta now has the native dark theme, which all but confirms the fact that we are matter of months or maybe weeks away from experiencing it on a full scale.

We have been waiting for this feature for quite a while now, and it is a disappointment that things have not really moved on the fast lane. It is not like dark mode is a new technology—major apps including Facebook Messenger [WhatsApp’s sister app], and a host of others have welcomed it in the recent past. That said, it is worth celebrating the fact that we shall soon have the opportunity to use the AMOD-friendly mode.

The thing is, you won’t be able to access the dark theme experience unless of course you had previously enrolled as a beta tester. For now, that is what it takes to see the new theme; but we trust this won’t remain that way for long. However, you can skip bypass the long wait and sideload the APK file to get the dark theme on your device.

I already have it activated on my device, and I must admit that I am far from being impressed with what I have seen so far especially in comparison to what I have seen and experienced elsewhere. No word on exact date when dark mode will be available for a wider audience. That said, you can save yourself the anxiety that comes with waiting for the feature by side loading it from the aforementioned link.


In more WhatsApp news, the Facebook-owned messaging app has hit 5 billion plus installs on the Play Store—and this is not coming as a surprise considering the Facebook factor. The story of the app has been one of success from the very first time it burst into limelight in 2009.

Facebook is the only other app besides Google’s preinstalled app that comes with Android phones that has been able to cross the 5 billion plus install on the Play Store. This new milestone confirms WhatsApp as the second most popular app among all apps owned by Facebook. Instagram and Messenger both have 1 billion plus downloads on the Play Store, while WhatsApp Business launched in 2019 is far behind with 100 million installs. With over 1.5 billion monthly users, WhatsApp remains the undisputed king in terms of the most used messaging app in many countries around the world.

Created in 2009, WhatsApp made money initially from download fees and then a $0.99 annual subscription, but Facebook made the platform free after acquiring it. In 2018 Facebook unveiled plans to generate more revenue from the app that included selling ads.

Source: News365

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