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Vladimir Putin: Africa is rich more than Europe, America and Asia but their problem is their leaders

Vladimir Putin: Africa is rich more than Europe, America and Asia but their problem is their leaders. Putin shows his concerns on Africa how they didn’t believe in themselves. . Vladimir Putin has stated that Africa will never be independent because they believe in Europeans, Americans and Chinese more than themselves. According to him,

“Africa will never be independent, Africans believe in Europeans, Americans, and Chinese more than themselves. “They don’t trust themselves at all, African technocrats/Engineers aren’t given the platform to practise what they studied instead they hire Chinese to construct roads for themselves.

“A white man will commit a crime in Africa but no action will be taken because the African authorities view us as Demigods, far from the truth. “A black man can be abducted in Europe get harassed and even be killed but no African authority can even question.

“Africans present themselves as weak people with no hope, especially when dealing with Europeans and Americans. “They are their own enemies. They hate each other and this gives their colonial masters the opportunity to continue exploring their resources.

“^As far as I know, Africa is more of God’s chosen continent, its a blessed continent and its time for Africans to Realise they are in a place where Americans, Europeans and Chinese are jealous of and wish it should be them there.

“You can’t compare African weather with any other weather. “African soil can feed the whole of Europe, America, and Asia but their problem is just one, “THEIR LEADERS”.

If you sit on gold, oil, uranium and your people don’t have food to eat, You are not Human – Trump call out to Africa leaders. “As far as I am concern their best president ever was Gaddafi“.

Source – Zambianobserver

In other news – Gospel musician Sabastian Magacha n#de picture leaked

Gospel musician Sabastian Magacha n#de picture leaked. So Social media yesterday was ablaze after a picture of popular and talented gospel singer Sabastian Magacha’s n#de picture was leaked on social media.


The singer who has not yet spoke anything about the incident is nowhere to be found. It is believed that the girl who he was doing the video call with showing him off his mah00d is the one behind the…continue reading.

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