Uche Jombo finds new bae

Uche Jombo finds new bae and this will not surprise you as bae has always been around. Taking to Instagram and sharing with her 3.7 million followers, Uche Jombo told us who her new bae is…

According to Uche Jombo, self-love is bae…. She shared the below picture and had this interesting caption to go with it that made us think that Uche Jombo is in love with herself, which is a very good thing as no one will love you if you don’t love yourself first.

Uche Jombo
Self love is bae🖤 @wowbodyshapers #waistgang

The beautiful actress and filmmaker had some encouraging words with all of her Instagram pictures and we thought why not share some of them and help all you out there. After seeing more of her pictures, I felt inspired! Read the captions on the pictures…

Uche Jombo
Find your balance🖤 @wowbodyshapers

Advertising what clearly is fitness gear for ladies to get that extra shape, Uche just simply looks amazing and we have fallen in love with her.

Uche Jombo
Take control!!!!! @wowbodyshapers

Here is more on the Wow Body Shapers that she kept talking about… Uche Jombo said – I am so excited to introduce @wowbodyshapers high compression waist trainer and undergarment waist cincher corset. This is an essential collection and a must have. This new line is particularly special and personal to me as I partnered with @wowbodyshapers in creating these products that are durable, with super stretchy fabric to enhance and accentuate your curves and give you desired results and body of your dreams. I have been wearing these everyday for a few months now and my abs and waist don’t lie lol. I can’t wait for you guys to get your hands and waists on one of these, you will be thrilled. Also, I am curious to see the colours you choose from our vibrant range of colours. So ujlovers, join my gang of waistED snatched ladies, let’s get it on in 2020❤💋

Love is a special kind of feeling and for you to find that special someone you first have to find love within yourself… and that self-love is Bae, and thanks to Uche jombo for reminding us that…

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