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This isn’t makeup, this is fraud — Reno Omokri and other Nigerians react to photo of lady’s makeup


Believe me when I say majority of ladies on planet earth ain’t real anymore especially the once in Nigeria. Believe it or not.

As a man, after reading this post and seeing some photos below, you will stop loving Ladies you meet on social media and also reconsider and check the woman you plan on getting married too.

Popular Twitter activist and humanitarian Reno Omokri who calls himself “Buhari Tormentor” and other Nigerians have reacted to a pic mixed photo of a lady without makeup and that with make up on Twitter.

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In his tweet he wrote “This is why I say never marry anyone you have not seen without makeup!

In fact, some marriages should be dissolvable on the basis of fraud. This isn’t makeup. This is deception, intended to lure men into a union they’d not have entered otherwise.

#FreeLeahSharibu #RenosNuggets”.

Photo he uploaded,

Reno Omokri

Check out these reactions from Nigerians below,


“Actually fact is that men love deception also. They want classic ladies with beauty forgetting that beauty is just for a while but a woman with heart of gold is for ever. My own view”.

A Y O K U N L E @call_me_ayokay.

“I always like when a girl prefers to show her natural self to a guy she likes so he can either quickly disappear or stay with her. Instead of using makeup to decieve her the dude”.

Anagor Chigozie @anagorchigozie.

“According to building professionals , you need to do a Wall finishing and painting to make building very beautiful.

I don’t see reason why a lady should be without make up if the purpose is to look good. After all if we all see codes used in Twitter, we will not like it”.


“If you manage to deceive me with makeup until marriage, just keep making up for the rest of your life….. so help you God”.

Source – TalkOfNaija

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