This is how you know you have a spiritual husband – Video

This is how you know you have a spiritual husband – Video. Spiritual wives and husband are a major belief in African culture and Christianity. But what exactly are Spiritual spouses? Read On and Find Out!!!!!!

According to online sources, these spiritual spouses can not be seen physically but appear in dreams and visions. These supernatural spouses can happen to anyone whether married or unmarried. Most victims hardly ever know but as your friendly family newspaper, we have compiled some sure signs that you may have a spiritual spouse.

1. You frequently have dreams of having s.e.x.
You are past the age of wet dreams as a man and if you are a lady, you have dreams of having s.e.xual intercourse all the time. The sensations you feel are on the borderline of reality and if persistent may point to you having a spiritual spouse.

2. You are married and always find excuses to deny your spouse s.e.x.
This happens in most marriages. Your partner whom you swore to bonk till death do you part, suddenly loses interest in you. You try your best, go the extra mile but no matter what you do s.e.x comes once a year like Christmas. This could point to serious spiritual issues as these spiritual spouses are jealous and do their best to break your marriage.

3. You Just Hate Your Other Half For No Reason.
This is a serious one, Most times you just hate your partner for no reason, you can’t explain why you hate them. If you are unmarried and in a relationship, you just find yourself angry and looking for ways to piss your partner off.

4. You Try So Hard But Marriage Just Seems To Be Out Of Your Reach.
You are ready to settle down but you always find yourself making excuses that better people will come along and before you know it you are old and marriage prospects non-existant. You could be lucky to find love but your relationships never last. You always find yourself in heartbreaks and never a happy ending.

5. Your sexual appetite is insatiable
Sex is the best thing that happened to humankind. However everything has a limit, You are always thirsty and no matter if you get it all day it’s never enough, that’s a problem. In some cases, it can be as bad as having more than 1 girlfriend/boyfriend at a time, that could point to something spiritual.

6. You Fail To respect your Spouse Or Submit
This goes, either way, A woman may fail to submit to her husband, disrespecting his authority and challenging him at every chance she gets. The common notion has always been that some women are dominant than others but look beneath the surface the spiritual spouse wants you divorced. Most men think it’s macho to come home late, to binge and generally treat their wives like crap. That too could be the spiritual wife wanting you all to yourself at the expense of your marriage.

The list is not exhaustive and there are some signs I may have missed, However, should you find out you have a spiritual spouse, it’s not the end of the world. The condition can be reversed depending on your beliefs…A genuine sangoma or Pastor can help.

Watch Video below

Source – iHarare

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