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The Best Pull-up Bars



Best Pull-up Bars

Pull-up bars are a minimalist piece of exercise equipment that make it really easy to work out at home. But make no mistake: Although they’re simple, they offer killer arm-targeted and even full-body workouts, depending on how you use them. The best pull-up bars have a lot to offer, like different grip options, easy installation and heavy-duty construction that can support your bodyweight (and possibly more) without wobbling.

The Rogue Jammer Bar is a solid choice for dedicated athletes and beginners alike. At 43-inches long, this wall-mounted pull-up bar is ideal for close-grip and wide-grip pull-ups, as well as everything in between. And if you’re a CrossFit fanatic, you should know that this bar is even solid enough to support swinging weight during kipping pull-ups. One note: It’s designed to mount directly above a door frame on a standard wood stud wall, so if you have different plans for it, Rogue does recommend getting a professional installer involved so it’s properly secured.

The bar itself has a standard 1.125-inch diameter, but you can choose from a smooth or knurled option. The knurled option offers more grip, but it’s not so abrasive that you’ll end up with ripped hands. There are also 22 color combos to choose from, so you can add a little customization that way, too.
The OneTwoFit Wall Mounted Pull-up Bar is a durable, multifunctional piece of equipment that gives you a bit more versatility for your home gym workout. The main pull-up bar allows for standard pull-ups and wide grip ones, and there are two parallel bars for a neutral grip option as well. When you want to target different muscle groups, you can flip the bar down to create a dip station with padded arm and back rests, before working your core with leg raises.

As-is, it’s mountable on cement or concrete walls, but if you want to install it on drywall or plaster, you’ll have to rig up a different setup with additional pieces or plywood, which will add to the overall cost and installation time.
Although the mount itself is fixed once it’s installed, the bar can be adjusted back and forth at any time without having to reinstall the setup. The only thing you can’t pull off with this set is a neutral grip. Weighted for 500 pounds, you can even sport a weighted vest to knock out harder pull-ups without worry.

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