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South African woman faces arrest for faking Coronavirus symptoms

South African woman faces arrest for faking Coronavirus symptoms. The woman presented herself as potentially being infected with Covid-19 at Grey Hospital in King William’s Town. A South African woman from the Eastern Cape who posed as a patient displaying Coronavirus symptoms could face criminal charges.

She claimed she was an employee of the 38-year-old man who was the first person in South Africa to be diagnosed with Covid-19 on Thursday upon his return from Italy. She refused to give the staff more information however upon verification, it was discovered that she was unemployed and her claims were fabricated.

The doctors and nurses were in a flurry and performed some tests on the woman and taking steps to ensure the woman was isolated. The possibility to have a case of coronavirus in the Eastern Cape caused unnecessary panic among the hospital staff and nurses at Grey Hospital.

“This was a childish and selfish hoax by the woman that is condemned with the contempt it deserves,” said provincial health spokesperson Sizwe Kupelo. The Eastern Cape Department of Health will be opening a case against the women, confirmed Kupelo.

“Because of the seriousness of the coronavirus, the Eastern Cape Department of Health will open a case with the police against the woman who lied about having the virus. Her family confirmed to the department that she has no history of mental illness, hence the police will be roped in.”

Kupelo also dismissed a WhatsApp voice note which has been circling around claiming that there is a confirmed case of coronavirus at Life Beacon Bay Hospital in East London.  Another Coronavirus case was dismissed in the Western Cape when the suspected patient tested negative after he had provided false information of his travel history.

Western Cape health department spokesperson Mark van der Heever said the suspected case initially matched the case definition based on information provided by the person.  “As per our response protocol, our health response team immediately came into effect. Upon further investigation, it was found the person did not meet the criteria for Covid-19 and did not require to be tested.

“We ask the public not to use the Covid-19 situation for personal gain as this leads to misusing of resources and unnecessary panic,” he said.

Source – iHarare

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