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Shema filling station gutted by fire

Shema filling station gutted by fire. There has been a fire outbreak at Shema petroleum filling station along Kubwa expressway in the federal capital city of Abuja.

An eye witness told Tontrends that the fire which started at about 3:55 pm is yet to ascertain what actually cause the fire as pump attendant were busy attending to customers when the fire started.

The filling station which is one of the biggest pump stations along Kubwa expressway is not far from an electricity transformer which supplies power to the community around the area.

Kubwa expressway is also known to be a place where car dealers display their car for the buyer. Road safety officials who are on the ground have close down the route leading to the filling station as Nicon expresses to tipper garage has been made as an alternative route.

Source – TalkofNaija

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Meet Cardi B’s pregnant BFF who leaked Blac Chyna’s s.e.xtape. The rapper confirmed it by posting a photo of her and Brim with the caption, “Miss her already.” The shocking news first came after Azaelia Banks took to Twitter and wrote, “lol Cardi B’s friend Star Brim tired threatening and harassing [sic] me via Instagram a while back and now she’s in federal prison for wire fraud.”

Star Brim

In 2018, after speculation that police arrested Star Brim, Cardi B confirmed the news on Instagram. Who is Star Brim? Brim is Cardi’s best friend and was reportedly arrested for wire fraud. She could spend up to 15 years in prison if she’s convicted…continue reading.

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