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Sadio Mane – My father died because there was no hospital in my village, So I decided to build one

Liverpool Top Striker Sadio Mané has for the first time spoken on the death of his father, who unfortunately is not around to revel in the success of his son.

Sadio Mane who can now afford any height of healthcare for himself and his loved ones says he lost his father at a tender age because of lack of a health facility in his village of Bambali.

Sadio Mane

He further intimated that the ordeal of his father and countless others in his village led him to finance the building of a health facility in the village to cater for the health needs of his people.

“I was 7 years old. I was playing football in my village grounds. My brother came over and said, “Our father is dead.” I didn’t believe it. He had a stomach ache, and since there was no hospital, he was taken to the healer in another village. Things got complicated, he died there. ” he said.

Sadio Mane benevolence abounds as he has been widely praised for supporting his village Bambali in Senegal with many developmental projects like schools, health facility and supporting the needy.

In Other News – Justin Bieber healthier than ever following health battle

Justin Bieber is healthier than he’s ever been since treating his Lyme disease symptoms, as he now has the tools to keep his body and mind healthy. The “Yummy” hitmaker is battling with the disease – which is spread by ticks – and after his struggle with depression and anxiety as a result of Lyme was originally wrongly diagnosed as bipolar disorder, the correct diagnosis has helped him get on the path back to good health.

In his new documentary series “Justin Bieber: Seasons” – which airs on YouTube Premium – his doctor Erica Lehman said: “Lyme disease is the fastest-growing bacterial infection in the United States right now. It can cause a whole spectrum of neuropsychiatric symptoms – mood swings, irritability, depression, anxiety. Justin fits the picture of these symptoms.” In addition to Lyme disease, the singer also has been diagnosed with Epstein-Barr (EBV), which is commonly known as mono. continue reading

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