Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Queen Elizabeth II demands first signed Cristiano Ronaldo Man United jersey with 80 orders for staff.

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Queen Elizabeth demands first signed Cristiano Ronaldo Man United jersey with 80 orders for staff. The Queen has reportedly requested 80 Manchester United shirts sporting Cristiano Ronaldo’s name, with a personal request for the first one to be signed by the player himself.

There are seemingly no bounds to Cristiano Ronaldo‘s fanbase after his blockbuster return to Manchester United was announced last week. The Portuguese superstar sealed a sensational return to Old Trafford last week, completing a blockbuster reunion with the club he left in 2009.

After it looked as though Ronaldo would be moving to bitter rivals Manchester City, the Red Devils burst into life to nab him off their toes. The Queen is evidently pleased at his decision to head back to Old Trafford, as Sport Innovation Society report that 80 shirts have been ordered for her royal staff.

On top of that, she has supposedly requested that the first shirt be signed by the player himself.

In a quite incredible claim to fame, Ronaldo allegedly becomes the first person in history to be asked by an autograph by Queen Elizabeth II. The news could be a telltale indication of her football allegiance, with previous reports indicating that West Ham was the club to hold a special place in her heart.

With Prince William perhaps the most well-publicised football fan within the royal family due to his regular appearances in the stands at Villa Park, it is unknown exactly where the United link comes from.

It will come as quite the ego boost for Ronaldo, however, who can already wallow in the adulation of United fans who have seen their hero return to the club.

The move was made even sweeter for the Red Devils after it looked as though the 36-year-old was days away from sealing a move to their cross-city rivals. Fans, and indeed the Queen herself, will have to be patient before seeing the Portuguese make his second debut for the club, with a two-week hiatus in progress due to the international break.

When play resumes on the 11th September, however, there is a chance that Ronaldo could be back in action against Newcastle. The former Real Madrid megastar has had a similarly awe-inspiring effect on the Old Trafford dressing room, with existing squad members generally overjoyed at his return to the club.

United’s goalkeeper, David De Gea, said: “It’s like a dream for all the Manchester United fans, for us. Hopefully he can bring something special as well to make the team even better. It’s great to have him.”

Defender Luke Shaw also had his say, adding: “I feel like it’s given the club a massive lift not just inside but also outside.

“Obviously it’s a big positive. He’s been one of the best players in the world for a number of years now. “Everyone is excited for him to come in and not just learn off him but be able to play with him too.”

Ronaldo’s reunion at Old Trafford was always going to make headline news, and its effects were always going to be widespread, but spreading joy to Buckingham Palace was perhaps more ambitious than even the Portuguese himself could have imagined.

Source – ExpressUK

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