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Prophet Madungwe and God are discussing about the Coronavirus

Prophet Madungwe and God are discussing about the Coronavirus. The controversial self-proclaimed man of God has struck again. The prophet who claims that he constantly have meetings with God has said that in his latest trip to heaven he and God discussed about the deadly Coronavirus and they also had the virus present at their meeting. Check his exact words in his quote…

…Masikati akanaka vanhu vaIshe, last night takataura be corona virus naMwari, takawirirana kuti muna April inge yadzokera kwayakabva ikati ichambofunga, Ndinokuudzai zvainenge yatiudza. Udzai vamwe nhau iyi…


Source – MbareTimes

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Dear James Makamba (JCJ),

My sincere and deep condolences

I would like to express my deepest condolences on the death of your beloved son Zororo due to COVID-19.

James MakambaI have not yet recovered from shock and horror after reading about how your wonderful son died at the hands of our ill-equipped Zimbabwean hospital. I and many others stand with you in voicing your…continue reading.

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