Peter Psquare shares 10 million naira to the poor

Peter okoye is a twin brother to Paul okoye, Peter okoye and Paul okoye are twin brothers popularly known as psquare before they both separated.

Following the recent pandemic disease called coronavirus that entered Nigeria, some of the well meaningful Nigerians have been donating huge amount of money to help fight against the spread of this pandemic disease called coronavirus virus. Peter okoye decided to be amongst the top celebrities to donate some huge amount of money to the poor .

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According to a recent updates made by Peter okoye on his Instagram and Twitter account, Peter okoye made it known to the public that he will be giving out huge Amount of money to the people in need. This is a nice move from Peter Okoye, I hope other celebrities emulate from this act of kindness.

Later this afternoon, Peter okoye shared some huge amount of money that is said to be more than10 million naira.

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