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Nigerian civilian fights back to soldier who was assaulting him – Video

Nigerian civilian fights back to soldier who was assaulting him – Video. As the lockdown continues in most parts of Africa scenes are getting tense and serious as we all try to control the COVID-19 pandemic that as seen thousands of people die in less than two months. In Italy yesterday 763 people died in a day, in only 24 hours. This shows how deadly the disease is and its very worry some and troublesome.

So the world has adopted a Lockdown system to try and control the pandemic Many countries has locked down their countries, closing all borders and introducing a country lock. Many countries in Africa have declared a 21-day National Lockdown in which people are being urged to stay indoors and never go out.

Those who defy the order they are being arrested and sent to jail by the police Many countries mainly in Africa have deployed soldiers as well as to help the police. T those who defy the lockdown here is a clip of what will be done to them as this particular video shows how the defiant civilian reacted to the soldier who had caught him

Source MbareTimes

In other news – Engineer Mudzuri speaks about Chamisa ouster

Engineer Mudzuri speaks about Chamisa ouster. believes the Supreme Court ruling passed on Tuesday that ruled Nelson Chamisa was an illegitimate leader of the MDC, is a blessing in disguise as it gives the opposition party members a chance to find each other.


“It is an opportunity to deal with the succession issue and to rise above personal egos and ambitions so we unite to win 2023,” Mudzuri said Wednesday…continue reading.

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