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Nelson Mandela’s grandson blasted for announcing his COVID19 positive results

Nelson Mandela’s grandson blasted for announcing his COVID19 positive results. Former South African President, Nelson Mandela’s grandson, Ndaba, revealed that he tested positive for the coronavirus.

Ndaba first shared a video on social media titled. “I got by the #coronavirus”, in which he made the announcement, but he later removed the clip after he received backlash for not taking the matter seriously.

Said Ndaba in the video clip

“I have ‘the rona’ y’all, the rona! Can you believe that? I’m going to eat healthily and look after myself. I don’t feel like I am showing any symptoms, but I am now in quarantine for the next two weeks.”

“This a serious situation that I don’t take lightly for a second. And stressing won’t make a difference. Let’s not panic, let’s wash our hands consistently and lay off the alcohol – it weakens the immune system. Be vigilant, we are all soldiers and we can all get through this with love and respect”

Ndaba then posted a second message saying he was taking the situation.

“I’m posting this video now because there are some people that feel I wasn’t serious in my last post,” he starts, later adding: “This is a very serious situation, and I don’t take it lightly for a second. However, when you’ve gone through so much in life, I know, for example, that stressing is not going to make a difference. So, I urge you not to stress. I urge you not to get anxiety.”

Source – iHarare

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