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NBA decries the deplorable state of Courts in Delta State

NBA decries the deplorable state of Courts in Delta State. The Nigerian Bar Association, NBA on Thursday decried the deplorable state of Courts in Delta State.

It said,” The Courts in Delta State are in a dilapidated state. Many of the High Courts and Magistrate Courts are in places not befitting of where courts should be.” The NBA National Publicity Secretary, Mr. Kunle Edun Esq spoke with DAILY POST in Warri.

Edun said,”The Customary Courts in Warri and Uvwie are eyesores with attached goods scattered everywhere within the Court’s premises. Locating courts in residential or densely populated areas with the attendant noise and chaos, is a distraction.

“Recall that recently the Delta State Commissioner of Police had issues with a High Court in Asaba when the Commissioner’s officers removed the barricade placed on the road whenever the court sits. Frictions like this can be avoided if all the Courts in a particular Local government are housed in a secured and conducive premises.

“The old but beautiful high court Warri buildings was demolished by the Uduaghan government under the guise of building a multi-storey building High Court complex. For more than 15 years now, the State government has not even done foundation work on the new High Court building whereas Edo State within 4 years started and completed the construction of two storey building and also the Okowa government constructed a Court of Appeal building within 3 months.

“Many of the courts in Delta State have leaking roofs and have no space for car parks. Presently, the Warri High Court is housed in a contraption I will call cubicles where lawyers and litigants struggle everyday to find seats. It is a huge embarrassment.”

A Warri based lawyers, Mr. Lucky Egboyi Esq said,”The state of Courts in Delta state is appalling and disgraceful. They are not befitting of courts of law at all. They don’t make one feel proud to say, “I’m a lawyer or I’m going to Court.

“It’s unfortunate that the “Big Heart” of the nation has no courts that’s worthy of its name. All the courts’ buildings are dilapidated, old and collapsing. “Whenever it rains during the wet season, most courts in Delta state don’t sit, due to the rain. The roofs of most courts are leaking. Most case files have been damaged by rain or other elements.

“The record rooms are inhabited by rodents that eat up the court’s documents. Till today, the entire Warri judicial division does not have a court of its own, since the old court building was destroyed.

“The structure they (High Court) occupy today, was built for Magistrate court. High courts were camped there on a temporary basis, with a promise from govt, that they would build the High Court building. Till today, that promise has not been fulfilled. Meanwhile, go to neighbouring state of Bayelsa, Edo, Rivers, Lagos, Ondo, etc, you will understand the meaning of judiciary. Courts there connote the deserved respect for the judiciary.

“But go and see the other 2 arms of govt: that’s the executive and legislature, they have befitting buildings, structures and offices, where they conduct their state businesses. Why is the judiciary different?”. Egboyi said,”Off course,the poor state of the courts affects the work of a lawyer and impact the dispensation of justice negatively.

“Judges are not comfortable, research is difficult, judicial staff are not motivated to work, Lawyers’ confidence is dampened, litigants and the general public lose respect for courts, courts processes/documents are not safe/ can easily be compromised and it breeds corruption.”

While noting that the judiciary is the third arm of government, Egboyi advised the Governor Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa led Delta State Government to give the same priority it accords the other two arms.

He stressed,”If the judiciary is fortified and effective, it enhances the dispensation of justice and rekindles the confidence of the public, in the system.”

Another lawyer, Mr. Cleric.E.Alaowei Esq who corroborated the claims of Egboyi urged Governor Okowa to focus more on the buildings of the Courts. He stressed that the current state of the Courts are not befitting enough, pointing out that it is affecting so many things including the dispensation of justice in the State.

Source – Daily Post

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