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MTG 9boy 2 latest singles “Come Alive” & “Moonlight”

MTG 9boy 2 latest singles

MTG 9boy is set to take his own space in the Nigerian music industry!

The US-based Nigerian artiste, whose real name is Emmanuel Okenye, has just dropped two singles titled “Come Alive” and “Moonlight” and trust me, both songs are da bomb!
MTG 9boy is an indigene of Delta State. He grew up in a household of gospel singers, so for him, music is a way of life. One night at the Chateau Marmot with producer Bad Nonno and Anwar Hadid was the genesis of what became his journey into professional music.MTG 9boy 2 latest singles "Come Alive" & "Moonlight"

With this latest singles, he uses this new medium to infuse a blend of experimental down tempo, afro, R&B, and hip hop sounds and melodies that are sure to leave you singing along by the end of the song. With ties to Nigeria, the UK and US, MTG 9boy retains every culture he has gotten to experience, and uses this as a major inspiration behind his melodious tunes.

His first track “come alive”, which as indicated by the title, is an embodiment of what he feels like whenever he is back home in Nigeria. According to him, the song helps him to stay true to his heritage.MTG 9boy 2 latest singles "Come Alive" & "Moonlight"

The second track “moonlight”, takes more of a romantically inclined direction. MTG 9boy says love has always been an inspiration for his life and art throughout his creative career.

“Moonlight” beams the light on some of the sacrifices he has made to overcome some emotional challenges he had faced.

With the current trend of music in Nigeria, MTG 9boy seems prepared for the task ahead with his latest singles.

Click on this link to download his song.

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