Meet Ifunanya, Chioma’s younger sister, Davido’s in-law that beautifully looks like Chioma

This is Ifunanya, a younger sister to Chioma Davido who is in self isolation now. She is a so beautiful just like her elder sister or even more beautiful.

Chioma showed the picture of her sister when she wished her a happy birthday for she celebrated her birthday.

Beauty rums in their blood that beautiful young ladies like this would come from the same home. She isn’t a star but because of her relationship with Chioma who is already a star through her husband to be.

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Even though they are rich, Chioma getting married yo Davido didn’t make her lazy or a squanderer instead she is an example of an Africa woman who coordinates her home with respect to her husband and the husband’s family at large.


One of the reasons why some girls don’t make it in marriage is when they start thinking they’re married to only the man who brought them to the family not knowing they’re married to the entire family and even extended family.


The resemblance is so obvious that no one can question the relationship but the difference could be in their hearts.

Remember to pray for Chioma for she is quarantined without her son and husband for some days now. It could be tormenting.

Source – TalkOfNaija

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