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Latest on Prophet TB Joshua and his COVID-19 Prophecy

Prophet TB Joshua

Latest on Prophet TB Joshua and his COVID-19 Prophecy. Joshua was speaking during a question and answer session when he was asked to comment on the Coronavirus.  Synagogue Church Of All Nations leader Prophet TB Joshua has urged the world leaders to open up their economies and lift lockdown regulations because people were suffering.

Read the full interview below: QUESTION – TB Joshua, what can you say about the issue of coronavirus? Why are ministers of God not praying for coronavirus patients?

ANSWER – Coronavirus is an issue of the governments; its real origins have to do with mistakes in critical international research. Since their body language is understood, we have to give to Caesar what is Caesar’s (Matthew 22:21) – that is the position of ministers of God.

In today’s world, warfare is no longer about physical weapons; this is one of the silent but devastating weapons of the contemporary world.

During my last address on 5th April 2020, I mentioned that this was an error in advanced technology. It is all about the error. That nature is involved can be no excuse, as this has led to the deaths of many innocent people all over the world. It is an attack on the nature of God – the air. Thank God that nature is fighting back; nature is eliminating it in its own way. It is getting to its peak and is coming down. Naturally, it will go the way it came.

This is one of the things the Bible says will happen in the end time – perilous seasons when fear will rule the land. As I said, I see it as an error in advanced technology. In the nearest future, expect this kind of error – in retaliation. Let us pray to avert this.

In all, it is coming to an end! Finally, a ‘hardship virus’ is more dangerous than coronavirus. The presidents of the nations should open up the economy. The more we delay in opening up the economy, the more we will face a worse situation afterwards. Thank you. This is a prophetic message for the world.

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Source – Bulawayo24 News

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