Bobrisky exposed – Video

Lady screams: Bobrisky’s face is not that clear, see wrinkles and potholes. Bobrisky’s attempt to have a woman’s body has failed after several attempts to undergo a reassignment surgery to effect the transformation. Although he admits that he is a man, becoming a woman has been his goal, and will pay whatever in order to make that a reality.

Nigerian crossdresser and bleaching expert, Bobrisky has been exposed on social media once again and this time around the true state of his ‘manly’ face has been highlighted.

However, in this new video making rounds on social media, an eagle-eyed lady exposed the nearly wrinkled face of Bobrisky that he has been covering with makeup.

The video which was filmed with a quality phone and in this case iPhone preferably highlighted the acne that has dominated his face and his full beard showing.

Despite all this, the Lagos-based socialite will wear thick makeup to cover the potholes on his fans dazzle his fans on social media with high-quality photos but if you know you know and with this video below, you will no longer believe whatever he posts online.

Watch below:

Source – TalkofNaija

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