Everything you need to know about the PS5

It’s finally the year of PS5. 2020 is here and that can only mean one thing – new games, new specs, new hardware and more are on the imminent horizon. We now know that Sony’s next-gen platform is called, simply, PS5, is arriving in ‘Holiday 2020’ and it’s going to be in direct competition with the Xbox Series X, which is coming also in Holiday 2020, and know we even know what it looks like. Your turn, Sony.

Interestingly, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan states that there’s a lot more news to come about the PS5. He said that the console has a number of “unique elements” that’ll make it stand out from its predecessors that have yet to be announced.


“With every new console, the processor and graphics get better, which is of course compelling, but we need to have unique elements too”, explained Ryan in an interview with Business Insider. Apparently many of these “bigger differences” between PS5 and PS4 haven’t yet been announced.

Also, in a recent Wired article, PS5 architect Mark Cerny (the man also responsible for leading work on the PlayStation 4) gave us a bumper of info about the upcoming PS5 specs, alongside hints about what we can expect from the PS5 price.

The TL;DR version is that it’ll be backwards compatible with PS4; will have a disc drive; it’s been in development for over four years; a number of studios are already working on PS5 games; it’ll boast 8K graphics and support for ray tracing; and under the hood will be a custom made AMD CPU and GPU. All that, combined with the new information means there’s actually quite a lot we do know now about the PS5, so here we go

Source: gamesradar

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