Kemi Olunloyo – Marriage is a total waste of time

Controversial US-trained Journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has stated that marriage is a total waste of time and that was why she was never married.

She made the comment in an Instagram post in reaction to the sad death off Barrister Eric Agboegbulem, who was found dead after a s.e.x romp with a 17-year-old girl.

She wrote:

What’s your opinion of my assessment of the death of Barrister Eric Agboegbulem? It is a lesson for all married women. Your husband’s are frequenting prost!tutes EVERY DAY! Even with the aid of Sildenafil (Viagra etc) Marriage is a total waste of time. I’ve never been married, never will, I even introduced s.e.x toys to Nigeria in 2012, now it’s everywhere. Even lawmakers are fighting in s.e.x shops🙄. Ladies you don’t need a man. Mast#rbate all you like, no diseases, no condoms or Tramadol needed.

“This honourable attorney died a disgraceful death on top of a 17yo Prost!tute younger than his own children if he had any. He used a brand of Sildenafil that should NEVER exceed 200mg a day and that’s if you are having s.e.x 6 times daily. 12 holes punched in sachets. 120mg X 12=☠️⚰️ May his soul rest in peace. The wife should pray with me and move on. I asked God to forgive him and accept him into his kingdom. Anytime you sleep with anyone other than your wife. You have committed babanla adultery and violated the 10 commandments. His wife is a top CBN official and should tell the police to release the prost!tute.

Kemi Olunloyo

“In America, Prost!tute Miss Precious would have written a book and became a Billionaire. I am extremely ANGRY AT THE BIGGER PICTURE. BELIEVE IT OR NOT. NAFDAC KILLED HIM!! Always focus on the bigger picture and think outside the box. If the Nigerian feds let me be the DG of NAFDAC Agency, in 30 days I will regulate the profession of Pharmacy where records of Viagra purchase can be logged by pharmacies.

“He was also said to be on a nitrate anti-hypertensive ⚰️😳PRESCRIPTION ONLY ERA HERE IS HERE PRESIDENT @muhammadubuhari if you like, don’t make me NAFDAC DG, Soon I’m converting my green card to US citizen🇺🇸 then I get to work at the US FDA. Everyone I educated here, should have been a N50K seminar.

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Prophet TB Joshua left a man who visited the Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) together with his wife shocked when he revealed that there was a man who was sleeping with her.

The strange man, prophesied TB Joshua, was the reason the Tanzanian couple’s marriage was on the rocks. The man claimed he did not have any affection towards his wife prior to the visit. TB Joshua said this was because she was not his wife before.

“She has a strange man that is disturbing her. She was not your wife before but now she is. When I say a ‘strange man’, it is this strange man who is enjoying her. She had married the man” Prophet TB Joshua told the husband.

The said the wife had been complaining that he could not sleep with her as he could not do anything. Continue Reading

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