These are 3 things Ntando Duma’s baby-daddy Junior De Rocka could give his daughter, Sbahle

These are 3 things Ntando Duma‘s baby-daddy Junior De Rocka could give his daughter, Sbahle! Of all the things a father can give to his child, Junior de Rocka wants to give his daughter Sbahle confidence and strength.

The DJ shared a heartfelt message on Instagram about what he wants for Sbahle when she grows older.

If I could give my daughter things, it would be the confidence to always know her self-worth, the strength to chase her dreams and the ability to know how truly and deeply loved she is,” he wrote.

To show that Sbahle has her dad wrapped around her finger, he once paid her to stop crying.

Junior De Rocka

In a video Junior shared on social media last year, his daughter was filmed throwing a tantrum at the mall.

“This is my day summarised: she didn’t wanna leave the mall and when I finally convinced her, she wanted me to pay her to stop crying. My daughter is something else,” he wrote.

When he asked Sbahle what the problem was, she told him she wanted money and nothing else. The DJ gave in, leaving Sbahle to happily count her cash.

Source: News365

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