Is WhatsApp Gold real? here’s what 2 billion users need to know

Is WhatsApp Gold real? here’s what 2 billion users need to know. WhatsApp Gold is back!!! A message promoting WhatsApp Gold – a premium version of the messaging service allegedly used by celebrities – is circulating on social networks again. Would-be users are promised a raft of extra features and given a link, which actually leads to a malicious software download. The question everyone is asking: Is WhatsApp Gold real?

Use of social media is very high as people are confined to their homes during the coronavirus pandemic and turn online to keep in touch with loved ones, making it easy for such hoaxes to spread. Apart from wanting to save data, we must also be careful or hoaxes and scams.

In a statement, WhatsApp’s parent company Facebook explained that it’s struggling to keep up with an explosion in demand for its services over recent weeks, as people turn to social media to keep in touch with friends and loved ones.

“In places hit hardest by the virus, voice and video calling have more than doubled on Messenger and WhatsApp,” it said. The WhatsApp Gold hoax has been around for a while but has recently re-surfaced alongside a handful of other scams.

WhatsApp Gold

Another message currently circulating on WhatsApp warns users to watch out for a video called ‘Martinelli’, which will damage phones when watched. The video in question doesn’t seem to actually exist, and if it did, watching videos within WhatsApp itself won’t cause malicious software to be installed; the problem arises when messages contain a link to an external site, which could direct them anywhere.

To fight back, WhatsApp is now testing a fact-checking tool that will let you search online for more information and context about messages you receive. An icon beside forwarded messages allows you to search for their content on Google, which usually helps highlight scams and misinformation.

Hopefully, this will help stop the spread of these messages, which can spread around the world as well-meaning people forward them without checking their validity.

To answer your question if WhatsApp gold is real?. The answer is a resounding No. WhatsApp Gold is not real and you should not be tempted to install it.

Source – iHarare

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