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Human rights groups demand investigation of other police units #EndSARS


Following the setting up of Panel of Inquiry by Governor Bala Mohammed to investigate human rights abuses by the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) in Bauchi state, human rights organizations have lamented the exclusion of petitions levelled against another police unit, Rapid Response Squad (RRS) which is alleged to have brutalized residents and committed several other human rights violations in the state.

In a letter addressed to the governor and shared with Vanguard at the weekend, Prison Inmate Development Initiative (PIDI-NIGERIA) in collaboration with Cleen Foundation, and Network on Police Reform In Nigeria lamented the exclusion of RRS activities in the committee’s investigation.

In Other News – Nigeria commissions panels of inquiry into Police Brutality

Nigeria’s leaders have made a show of responding to the demands of a massive youth-led uprising over police brutality that recently brought the country to a standstill and captured global attention.

The government has commissioned panels of inquiry into police brutality, and the president promised to disband the notoriously abusive police unit known as the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, or SARS.

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But at the same time, protesters say that the government is conducting a targeted campaign against people associated with the uprising in order to harass, impede and break up the movement — destroying any good faith the government had hoped to build. learn more

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