How to use two WhatsApp accounts on one phone

How to use two WhatsApp accounts on one phone. This instant messenger connects us to the rest of the world in a matter of split seconds and makes channels of communication much easier for daily functionality. WhatsApp has become one of the most essential parts of day to day digital communication with our friends, families as well as business organizations.

However in the midst of all the back and forth that goes on the application during the day, there are people who don’t like the fact that whenever they are in between a personal chat, someone from the office or church prayer group hits them up and vice versa. Or if they share a status, it also gets shared with their cordial contacts and other people outside their social circle.

This has created a need for some people to have separate WhatsApp accounts for personal communication and the other for business communication or something else. The problem is most people have one device at a time, buying another phone just for WhatsApp purposes would prove to be too costly and to an extent, unnecessary.

WhatsApp officially allows one to register one account at a time on a device using one number at a time which has to be verified. Some users have been wondering if it is possible to have dual WhatsApp accounts on the same device without one interrupting the functioning of another.

It is possible and there are a couple of pointers on how this can be achieved for all those who can not handle the clutter and prefer compartmentalizing their communication. There are several Android smartphones which come with a feature known as App cloning or App twin.

Most of these smartphones are from Chinese brands along with some new smartphones from Samsung and LG. This is the feature you need to use dual WhatsApp on your phone or any other app, but you should have dual SIMs in your phone, as well. Dual WhatsApp: How to use two WhatsApp accounts on one smartphone

Step 1: Install WhatsApp from Google Play Store and then register your primary number

Step 2: If you already have a WhatsApp account running on your phone, skip step 1 and go to your phone’s setting.

Step 3: Navigate to Dual App/Clone app/App Twin and tap on it.

Step 4: You will now see a list of apps that can be cloned, tap on the WhatsApp option and then select install

Dual WhatsApp account

Step 5: Set up the second WhatsApp account and open the secondary app.

Step 6: Now tap on Agree and Continue while also allowing WhatsApp to access your files as well as contacts.

Step 7: Now, you will be asked to register your contact number. Just remember to add your secondary number and then, you will be able to run dual WhatsApp accounts on one smartphone.

For all those who don’t have Dual App/Clone app/App Twin, you can also download a third-party app called Parallel Space from Google Play store in order to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same smartphone.

Now you have two separate WhatsApp accounts with separate contact lists, on one device. Let the chatting begin.

Source – iHarare

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