How to save your WhatsApp data bundle during Coronavirus isolation

How to save your WhatsApp data bundle during Coronavirus isolation. With the recent Covid-19 outbreak, one is bound to receive messages from concerned relatives to check on how they are.

WhatsApp continues to be the best form of relaying messages among friends and family. With this, comes a really important part of the Instant Messanger application which is data. Everyone is always looking for ways to save the WhatsApp data bundle.

If like the rest of the world you are panicking because of the deadly COVID-19 virus and wondering how you will be able to, in the worst-case scenario, survive a self-quarantine without access to data, read further. Everyone is trying to save as much as they can and that includes saving up on the amount of WhatsApp data we spend.

iHarare has found ways to save WhatsApp data that will help your bundle last longer.  Images and videos might be the reason your data doesn’t last long and to curb this you can tweak your WhatsApp settings to save on data.

You can save your Whatsapp data by setting images and videos to download only when you’re connected to Wi-Fi and not automatically download. To enable these data-saving ways on iOS, all you need to do is

go to Settings > Data Usage where you’ll be able to assign download methods per content type.

On Android, things are a little different. You’re offered all the same options, but you’ll have to go Settings > Chats and Calls > Media Auto-Download to find them.

Other effective ways to save your WhatsApp data bundle is by reducing the voice call quality and also making sure only do backups when on Wifi.

Set your back-ups to Wi-Fi only

Under WhatsApp’s’ settings select ‘chat backup’ and scroll down to the section which says ‘back up over’. When you select this it will let you choose to back up over Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi and cellular. Check that only ‘Wi-Fi’ is selected.

Reduce the voice call quality

Also under the ‘data usage’ setting on WhatsApp, you can adjust your call setting to lower the amount of data used during a WhatsApp call. Simply select the ‘low data usage’ option under call settings.

Source – iHarare

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