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How to know your partner is cheating – Joro Olumofin

Relationship expert Joro Olumofiun has taken to his IG page to share his thoughts on relationships and how men can ascertain that their partners are cheating on them if this is the case.

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According to Joro, women who own dildo’s bigger than their husbands are cheating.

In his words;

”Due to the Corona virus pandemic a lot people are isolating themselves and are in quarantine. Physiological needs such as food, comfort, health medication are being stocked up by people. Let’s not forget sex. Sex is a very important part of maintaining a healthy mind. A lot of ladies who have their Husbands / Boyfriends away from them are buying dildos to keep themselves occupied during Quarantine while their lover is away. I want to state to ladies in this position to buy dildos that are the size of their bf / husband. If your husbands penis is 4 inches, Please buy a dildo that is 4 inches too. If you buy or own a dildo that is bigger than your husband or bf, You are cheating on him. You made a commitment to him, therefore you made a commitment to his penis too. If you want a bigger dildo ask your partner for permission. Using a bigger dildo constantly will undermine the size of your partner and cause relationship issues.”

Source – TalkOfNaija

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