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Make Your Workout Next Level with These Home Gym Essentials



Home Gym Essentials

Investing in a home gym is a great way to take complete control over your exercise regimen. A cardio or strength-training exercise is always one room away–and you can skip out on the mileage and wasted time it takes to drive out to the packed gym. Plus, at home, your workout essentials are always available. Of course, if you’re looking to capture the same range and quality you get from your favorite gym, your choice in home gym gear is critical.

There are a lot of options out there to browse through–from treadmills and rowing machines to weighted vests, free weights, and yoga mats. If you were to write out a pros and cons list to compare a home gym against a membership gym, the fact that the latter already has a lot of the equipment you want is definitely a check in the pros column.

Reviews Team tested the best home gym equipment on the market today and narrowed our findings to the top 20 essentials. Taking our usual hands-on approach and using our multi-point rating system–along with input from our expert network–we found everything you need.
Looking for a piece of home gym equipment that can do a little bit of everything? Meet Tonal, a smart home gym that has a wide range of different exercise classes right at your fingertips. Whether you’re in the mood for a great strength workout or want to unwind with some yoga, Tonal can deliver!

It mounts to your wall, which saves much-needed space, and using moving cable arms, the machine can provide up to 200 pounds of resistance. Although the programming is $49 per month, the on-demand and regular live classes really feel worth it. The instructors are motivating and always encourage you to give it your all.

What We Love:

Only requires seven feet of floor space to use
Has hundreds of workout classes on demand
Machine can adjust your weights for you
Fringe declares this the go-to garage squat rack–and we concur! The Fringe Sport Garage Series Squat Rack with Pull-up Bar is a well-built piece of equipment for its price point (under $300!). It’s a great option for anyone looking to do squats, bench press or pull-ups without having to drop the privacy of home they won’t find at the local gym.

This rack has a small footprint perfect for tight spaces, weighted pegs to add extra stability to its solid steel frame, a pull-up bar that feels incredibly secure, and heavy-duty commercial J-cups that protect your barbell. While someone lifting 500 pounds or more would need something a bit sturdier, this is the hands-down best at-home squat rack for literally everyone else.

What We Love:

Easy assembly! (We put the rack together in just under an hour)
A one-year warranty
Durable, solid steel and compact frame

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