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Guidelines on s.e.x and COVID-19: M@sturbation, the safest s.e.x right now

Guidelines on s.e.x and COVID-19: M@sturbation, the safest s.e.x right now. With so many nations going under lockdown, many people have been essentially locked up at home, alone – or with their partners – with nowhere to go and so little do. This tends to generate persistent urges……mostly s.e.xual urges.

Considering high risks associated with intimacy in the time of coronavirus, it is hight time to practice safe s.e.x like never have before. But with little knowledge on how to engage in s.e.xual relations without passing COVID-19, more people get exposed to the pandemic. Here Are Guidelines On S.e.x and COVID 19.

In an agency directed to New Yorkers (but also applicable to anyone), the New York City Department of Health (NYCDOH) issued a set of recommendations or guidelines entitled “S.e.x and Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)”, detailing do’s and dont’s of doing the bedroom deed the safest way amid this public health emergency.

They encourage self-love as the best way of s.e.x that does not spread COVID-19. “You are your safest sex partner,” reads the guide. “Masturbation will not spread COVID-19, especially if you wash your hands (and any s.e.x toys) with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after.”

The guidelines say, “take care during s.e.x,” which is a very nice thing to say, and that “kissing can easily pass COVID-19.” Therefore, you may want to avoid kissing unless you feel very confident that the person is not infected. Otherwise, there are alternatives to kissing such as elbow bumps, bows or curtsies as long as you don’t accidentally knock heads, or wink-and guns.

One important thing the NYCDOH explicitly discourages is “rimming”. That’s probably not the first time you’ve heard those words. “…rimming [mouth on Anus] might spread COVID-19. The virus in faeces may enter your mouth,” warns the agency against practising against any type of an@l play and anal intercourse.

While safe s.e.x has been synonymously understood as the use of condoms and/or abstinence, it is more important amid this dire situation to not only protect ourselves from Coronavirus but s.e.xually transmitted diseases too. Take a look at the guide below for more guidelines on S.e.x and COVID-19.

Source – iHarare

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