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France: 1,097 Coronavirus cases in 24 hours

France: 1,097 Coronavirus cases in 24 hours. The daily update of coronavirus cases has risen in France to 7,730, which is 1,097 more than the previous 24 hours, writes my colleague Kim Willsher.

“There have been 175 deaths, an increase of 27 in a day. Jérôme Salomon, director of the French health authority, said 7% of those infected were under 70 years old. Of the sick, 699 are in intensive care, but 5,000 patients have recovered or are being treated at home.

There are now 2,575 patients still in the hospital, but more than 600 people have been successfully treated and allowed to go home in the last 24 hours alone.

French PM Edouard Philippe spoke on television last night: sombre and strict he warned the government was drawing up the necessary regulations to increase fines for those found breaking the national ‘confinement’ from €38 to €135. This has now been published in the Official Journal so is in now in force. “Stay at home”, PM told the French.

In the south of France, the influx of Parisians trying to escape to second homes has led to anger in certain places. There is a picture in the Sud-Ouest newspaper of a large tag at Cap Ferrat reading: “Paris go home virus”, with the paper reporting that locals are annoyed that many Parisians have arrived from the capital, possibly with the virus.

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