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DSS, police and suspected thugs storms residence of Taiwo Akerele

DSS, police and suspected thugs storms residence of Taiwo Akerele. Taiwo Akerele announced his resignation as Chief of Staff to the governor yesterday on ‘administrative and governance’ grounds.

A team of the DSS, Police and thugs suspected to be under the instruction of the embattled governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki, has stormed the residence of his ex-Chief of Staff, Taiwo Akerele, and arrested his domestic staff(names yet unknown) and Personal Assistant, Jasper Olowojoba, while also carting away his personal belongings including documents such as driver’s license and certificates of his children.

The press quoted him to have said he decided to part ways with Obaseki based on principles, a claim that immediately cast a shadow on the actions of the government, especially with increased accusations trailing the administration on the management of resources and abuse of office.

Sources in the government house say Akerele’s resignation is also connected to the seizure of machinery of government by Obaseki’s volatile Deputy, Philip Shaibu and SSG Osarodion Ogie, both of whom have instigated and insisted on a political war in the state as a means to gain unfettered access to the state treasury knowing that the politically-limp governor relies on them for survival.

Akerele’s constant call for peace and focus on matters of governance was said to have angered both actors who connived to usurp powers of his office and isolate him as a disloyal member of the administration.

The actions of the Deputy and SSG nonetheless, the resignation of Taiwo Akerele came as a major blow to Obaseki and further solidified his image as a weak governor incapable of maintaining discipline within his ranks or exert authority in his own administration.

Worse, it came at a moment when the governor is swimming in allegations of fraud and incompetent management of the coronavirus disease in the state.

DSS Police vehicle

In a clear act of retribution, the governor is reported to have, today, mobilized a team of the DSS, Police, and thugs who stormed the private residence of his ex-Chief of Staff today and effected the arrest of his cook, gateman, and Personal Assistant, Jasper Olowojoba.

The property has been sealed and taken over by this team, after making away with some of the private belongings of Taiwo Akerele.

Source – TalkofNaija

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