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Drama as husband seals cheating wife’s privates with industrial-grade superglue

Drama as husband seals cheating wife’s privates with industrial-grade superglue. To his defence, Dennis Mumo, 36, said he found text messages and nude photos on his wife’s mobile. Being a migrant worker who sometimes goes for weeks without returning home; Dennis was told of his wife’s bed-hopping antics with different men in his absence.

A Kenyan man has irked his community after he glued his wife’s private parts in an attempt to stop her from cheating on him. The man; Dennis Mumo; who has been described as “evil” was promptly arrested after concerned neighbours found a woman in excruciating pain as her sealed private parts meant she couldn’t pee, say reports.

Mumo became outraged and reportedly told his wife he was shocked to find that his of 10 years has been cheating on me with many men. It is then alleged that Mumo enlisted the help of his friend to hold his wife while he superglued her before trying to flee the scene. Other neighbours are believed to have shown up wanting to beat up Mumo who was saved from a public lynching by the police who arrested him and kept him in custody.

His injured wife was rushed to the hospital for surgery. She was in excruciating pain before the operation, as she was unable to go to the toilet. Neighbours vowed to “deal” with the man should he return to the village or should the courts set him free. The man reportedly confessed to the appalling revenge upon his wife but insisted he was doing it to save his marriage. He claimed to have lost it after seeing proof that his wife was dating at least four men.

The wife could not be reached for comment. He also said that he saw a n#de photo of his wife that was sent to one man with the message: “Next week there will be fireworks!”

Source – iHarare

Man kills 4 children after posting on Facebook that his wife infected him HIV

Man kills 4 children after posting on Facebook that his wife infected him HIV. In a mindboggling incident, a disgruntled and elderly man from Limpopo ended the lives of his four biological children in a desperate bid to get back at his bed-hopping wife whom he accused of infecting him the human immunodeficiency virus(HIV). Surprisingly, the killings occurred not long after the distressed man had taken to social media to vent out his frustrations.


The murderer, Senyatse Lucas Pasha in a series of Facebook posts poured his heart out citing unfair treatment from his youthful wife whom he sensationally claimed was spending time with her much younger boyfriends whilst denying her attention…continue reading.

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