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Dayo Amusa’s clap back to a fan who spoke about her bleaching

Actress Dayo Amusa

Dayo Amusa’s clap back to a fan who spoke about her bleaching. Actress Dayo Amusa has asked a fan to worry less about her as the fan asks her to reduce her bleaching cream because she can never become white.

The fan reacting to a photo of Dayo Amusa asked her to reduce her bleaching cream as she can never become a white lady and moreover skin cancer is real.

Dayo Amusa replying to the fan savagely asked him/her not to worry about her bleaching since it’s her own body and no one else.

screenshot below:


After this, she also wrote the following as to what she doesn’t tolerate on her social media platforms from whoever…


Except your opinion is requested! DO NOT come to my platform/space to tell me ( Advice you might call it)

* What to wear & how to wear it
* What to eat & when to eat it
* How I look or how you prefer I look

These are things even as a FAN you do not have control over! And my life is one of it. If you do not like what you see, give yourself a stress-free life & some sanity by using either the Block or Unfollow Button (Trust me, I won’t notice) bcoz your well-being and mental health matters to me a lot.

Stop trying to control or dictate how someone else should live their lives! Life has given a different question paper in its exam to everyone, focus on answering yours than wanting to answer for others.

NOTE: Nigeria 🇳🇬 is facing so much right now! Your advice & opinions to a better & safer nation will be more useful as we await 2023! IRE OOO!

Source – TalkofNiaja

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