Dangers of using WhatsApp GB and other modified versions

Dangers of using WhatsApp GB and other modified versions. WhatsApp is most definitely one of the most used instant messaging applications and has over 2 Billion Users. Because of its popularity, most app developers have tried to cash in on the hype and created knock-off versions of the application, with the most popular being:

Whatsapp Plus, GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp and WhatsApp Prime. Although these applications come with some cool features, users often overlook some of the dangers of using the knock-offs.

Below are some of the extra features offered by some of the modified versions:

  • It allows you to hide blue tick, double tick, and online status.
  • GBWhatsApp supports multiple languages.
  • If you have some private chats with any person, you can lock those particular chats with a password.
  • You can set the WhatsApp theme according to your choice and even share it with the developer of GBWhatsapp to add it to the list of their themes.
  • You can also put unlimited WhatsApp stories.
  • GBWhatsApp also allows you to share videos up to 16GB.

Whilst the extra features are cool, there are other risks that come with these modified WhatsApp that you might need to know :

Risk 1: The messages you may share are not safe. Yes, guys, there is no guarantee that no third person will read your message. There are chances that the personal messages which you are sharing with your loved ones are not passing through third-party servers.

So, it is not safe to share any personal information like banking credentials, passwords, or any other detail. So, be careful while using not only GBWhatsApp but any WhatsApp mod.

Risk 2: GBWhatsApp is more inclined to injecting virus-like Malware and Spyware because of the less secured hosted servers. These viruses can cause damage to your data, and only you will be responsible for any problem caused due to WhatsApp Mods.

Risk 3: WhatsApp mods like GBWhatsApp are not illegal, but they are unofficial. So, they are not available on the Google Play Store. It means that they are available on the web instead of the Google Play Store. So, you can face detrimental adds which makes it difficult to update your app.

Risk 4: Official WhatsApp has confined from using the WhatsApp Mods. Many people have identified using the WhatsApp Mods. The official version WhatsApp can ban you anytime if you are caught using the WhatsApp Mods. So be careful and think twice before using WhatsApp Mods like GBWhatsApp.


Well, at last, I would only suggest you guys not use the WhatsApp Mods. Do not only think about the advanced features which they are providing. It would be better if you think about its consequences. Thank You.

Alternatively, you can also watch the video below about the dangers of using GB WhatsApp:

Source – iHarare

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