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Covid-19 Update: There is no official cure yet, but this is how patients recover from it

Covid-19 Update: There is no official cure yet, but this is how patients recover from it. The CoronaVirus has kept every country on their toes with experts working hard to conquer the virus. The Virus has spread across the world with very few countries of the world not affected.

The whole world has been under serious pressure to overcome the current pandemic. The pandemic which started in China in December 2019 and got worse in 2020.

The virus now has close to Four Hundred Thousand cases with over sixteen thousand Deaths records. And a lot of people have also recovered from the virus and now living fine and healthy. This has got people wondering how they recover if there is no cure for the Virus.

Currently, there is no cure for the Covid-19, though experts have been on research on how to get a cure and vaccine for the virus. All hands are working quite hard to do so but no official announcement of the cure has been made. There have been different breakthroughs and setbacks in the process of obtaining the cure to the deadly virus.

So if there is no cure how are there recoveries.

An important thing to note about the CoronaVirus is that it is also a virus and Viruses attack the immune system of the body. The body has an immune system that helps to fight against diseases. Now the immune system attacks the coronaVirus just like it does with any other virus. The white blood cells do a lot of work here as they, with other constituents, fight against the virus in the body.

A young person has a high tendency to recover easily from this virus. Old people are more likely to succumb to the attacks of the virus if not given proper medical attention. This is because younger people have a stronger immune system while Older ones have an immune system which has deteriorated due to their age.

The infected people can heal on their own without being given anything at all but this is in the case of people with a very strong immune system. The quarantine is to reduce the spread of the disease and also for proper monitoring of health changes.

Now what the doctors and health workers do is to support the healing process. The virus attacks the throat but as well leads to other illness as it causes disorder to the body. Patients could feel pain, such as headache, chest pain, Sore throat, catarrh, and other health disorders. This are things the health workers take care of and keep the body system stable. Patients are treated according to what they feel.

Sometimes, the immune system needs to be supported to hasten and help the healing process. This is done when the immune system is incapable of fighting the virus itself. Some drugs are given to the patients so as to boost the immune system of the patient. This in fact is what the older ones need (A boost of immune system).

The healing process varies with individuals and should be handled by the health officials. As soon as any contact with an infected person is observed, self Isolation is important for Two weeks (14 days) and if any symptom is shown, it should be reported to the right body.

Do not attempt to self medicate. It could result in further complications

Let the right hospitals manage the healing process. There is no cure yet for the virus but the process of recovery is simple and fast as long as there are professionals who can manage the situation.

The main precaution is to follow all necessary protocols and it starts with proper hygiene and self Isolation. As far as it is discovered in the early stages and properly managed, the healing process would be effective.

There is nothing to fear if you have the virus. There is absolutely no need to panic. Feed well.. Eat nourishing foods, they help to boost the immune system. Food rich in protein and Vitamins.

Fruits are as well important. Vegetables are not left out. They are good and natural sources of vitamins and minerals. And drink a lot of water. Give no room for fear.

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