Coronavirus P0rn goes viral

Coronavirus p0rn is growing in popularity on P0rnhub as videos show p0rn stars poking in hazmat suits and masks. Hazmat suits are worn in the prevention of the deadly coronavirus.

But p0rn stars are taking it a step further.

Not even the deaths of more than 3,000 people due to the virus could stop the adult website from posting dozens of the sick videos.

The movies include such titles as “TSA Agent Detains Woman Suspected of Coronavirus” and “Deserted Wuhan.”

The Chinese city of Wuhan is the epicenter of the outbreak, and most of the deaths have taken place in China.

“I think people are attracted to the COVID-19 themed p0rn the same way people who are scared of their shadow are attached to horror movies,” Spicy, half of the Spicy x Rice p0rn duo, told Vice.

Coronavirus p0rn

“We are all searching for things that make us come alive.

“COVID-19 is something that brings fear and mystery to pretty much everyone in the world right now.”

Spicy added that “you need to be able to feel something, and what better way to make you feel something than the global crisis we are all in right now.”

Spicy x Rice have starred in some of the coronavirus videos.

The couple’s work has been censored even though they are doing it to raise awareness of the deadly virus, according to Spicy.

“We thought we would use our p0rn as an avenue to get some legitimate information out with some comic relief included to get people interested and reduce our chances of being banned,” Spicy told Vice.

“This sparked the idea, knowing every current event ends up as a p0rn eventually, we knew people would be searching for it on less censored platforms like P0rnhub.”

He admitted that the coronavirus was impacting people “in tragic ways.”

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