Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon says Mileena will never be in another NetherRealm Studios...

Well, it finally happened... you broke Ed Boon! The Mortal Kombat series co-creator is clearly tired of all of the requests for Mileena that...
Doom Eternal Story

Doom Eternal Story Trailer has the old Ultra-Violence

Doom Eternal is inching closer, and a new trailer from Id Software gives us another heaping helping of hellish carnage. This one is billed...

VIDEO: Epic Games Store surprise launches hilarious delivery game for free

You can get Totally Reliable Delivery Service free on the Epic Games Store right now (and console players aren’t being left out in the...

Everything you need to know about the PS5

It's finally the year of PS5. 2020 is here and that can only mean one thing – new games, new specs, new hardware and...

Xbox Series X boss confident it will beat PS5 — here’s why

The man in charge of the Xbox Series X has confidently declared that despite what Sony has revealed about the PS5, he's not worried...

Call Of Duty has won its legal fight over having Humvees

Activision have won their legal battle with the makers of Humvees over Call Of: Duty Modern Warfare games using the warcars without permission. AM...
The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Creator Reveals how the Zombie Apocalypse Started

It's been 10 years since AMC's The Walking Dead aired and six months since the comic book concluded with issue #193. Now, after all...
Fortnite season 2 delayed

Fortnite season 2 delayed by another two weeks

We've finally got a confirmed date for Fortnite Chapter 2 season 2, courtesy of an official Epic Games blog post. Chapter 2 season 2...
Howard the Duck Shows

Marvel’s Dazzler and Howard the Duck Shows have been Canceled

Sorry, fans of extremely niche Marvel superheroes, but The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Hulu will not move forward with two of its previously...

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