Buttermilk scones

This is how to make Buttermilk scones: Recipe

Until you have made a batch of buttermilk scones you won’t have any idea how easy they are to throw together. Frankly, it shouldn’t...
Avocado salad

Easy way to make Avocado salad: Recipe

Avocado salads are quick and easy to make and will keep you full for longer. This vegan salad is made with cannellini beans, tomatoes...
minestrone soup

This is the Easy way to make minestrone soup: Recipe

A great way to use up all those odds and ends from the fridge. Raw root vegetables, leafy veg, cooked leftover vegetables, pasta and...
Sponge cake

Sponge cake with homemade strawberry jam: Recipe

This cake is so simple and totally delicious. Making it with homemade jam makes it extra special. Ingredients For the jam 500g/1lb 2oz jam sugar 1 lemon, zest...
Warm potato salad

Potato salad with shallot dressing: Recipe

Forget gloppy mayonnaise - this German-style potato salad is tangy with shallot and white wine vinegar. Ingredients 6 new potatoes, preferably Charlotte, Ratte and truffle salt 30ml/1¼fl oz...
banana cake

This is the Easiest banana cake: Recipe

Banana cake, aka banana bread, is one of the easiest cakes to make. Ever. This one is plain but you can jazz it up...
Macaroni cheese with leeks

Macaroni cheese with leeks – Recipe

This easy four-step recipe for macaroni cheese will please all the family. Get little extra vegetables into your mac and cheese with sweet leeks...
Chicken pasta bake - Recipe

Chicken pasta bake – Recipe

A wonderfully comforting chicken pasta bake, this can be made ahead and will go down really well with the family. Ingredients butter, for greasing 250g/9oz penne 1 onion,...
Chicken stir fry

Easy chicken stir fry – Recipe

Easy chicken stir fry is a quick dinner solution for busy days and contains a good hit of protein. Ingredients 225g/8oz long-grain rice 2 tbsp olive oil 2...
Sausage casserole

Sausage casserole – Recipe

Sausage casserole makes a wonderfully warming and filling dish, and it freezes brilliantly. Ingredients 1–2 tbsp sunflower oil 12 good-quality pork sausages 6 rashers rindless streaky bacon, cut...

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