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Cassper claims Burna Boy saved AKA’s career

Cassper claims Burna Boy saved AKA’s career. A music battle between Tweezy and Gemini Major caused more drama than entertainment and had social media talking. With the whole world instructed to stay indoors to keep safe and reduce the spread of the coronavirus, celebrities are keeping their fans entertained on Instagram Live.

Many ZAlebs jumped on the IG battle and shared some of their thoughts on the song selection between the two producers. Cassper was also amongst those who commented but his comment caught the most attention.

The rapper claimed that Burna Boy saved AKA’s music career. Before all the drama that ensued between Burna and AKA, there was once a time where the two musicians made good music together.

During the live music battle, recording artist Tweezy came through with a hit single All Eyes On Me by AKA featuring Burna Boy, JR and Da LES. The song was produced by Tweezy himself.

Diverting the attention away from the battle, his comment caught everyone’s attention. He basically implied that Burna saved AKA’s career. “Back when Burna Boy was saving nigger’s careers with hooks,” he commented. After AKA and Burna’s twar, they assured fans that they would never be cool with each other ever again.

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In other news – Former MDC President Chamisa can form his own party

Former MDC President Chamisa can form his own party. And in May 2017, roughly 13 months after he had left the Socialist Party, to form a movement named La République En Marche, a 40-year-old politician named Emmanuel Macron won the French presidential election with 66.1% of the vote.

Nelson Chamisa

So it stands to reason that even without the benefit of considerable financial resources or a long track record, a candidate’s strength of character and policy proposals can drive a new party to power…continue reading.

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